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Mortgage Broker

License Number M16002809

Denise has a Degree in Economics (York University) and a Masters Degree in Work, Organization & Leadership (Athabasca University). She formalized her education to become a licensed Mortgage Agent in 2016. She subsequently completed her Broker’s license and now serves as the team leader at  Denise’s goal as your Mortgage Broker is to provide you with the expertise and insight you need to make informed decisions for all of your mortgage needs.  She is passionate about helping our clients pay less interest and build net worth through strategic real estate investing.  


Mortgage Agent  & Director of Operations

License Number M16002815

Nicolee is a licensed Mortgage Agent with a level of commitment to our clients that is truly incredible.  You will not find a more compassionate and understanding person out there!  Nicolee works with our clients and lender partners to negotiate the best possible outcome for each client. She manages our files and provides updates to make sure everyone is in the loop and knows where they are at.  She is a major keystone in our ability to offer such efficient service for our clients and realtor partners.

Nicolee serves as our Director of Operations managing the office, team members and any process improvements required to maintain and improve our high standard of service.  She is truly an important part of our team for our clients & creates the work environment in our office that is the most fun.  Whether it is decorating for a birthday or planning a social event Nicolee is at the heart of it all.  


Client Care Manager

Kirsten is highly energetic, organized, and efficient, adding great energy to the office. She makes sure that our clients have seamless communication and timely responses throughout their mortgage transaction. Her attention to detail ensures that our clients know what is needed for their mortgage transaction and that documents are received and reviewed quickly and accurately. An avid runner and fitness enthusiast, Kirsten brings years of experience in academic research and data management to our team.

Denise Chadha Headshot.jpg

Client Care Manager

Diana joined our team and instantly improved how we care for our clients and keep in touch with them. She has incredible customer service skills and is enthusiastically learning how we serve our mortgage clients.  Diana’s background in database management helps us level up our service level and identify more opportunities for our clients to save paying more interest to their mortgage lenders. Not only is she an incredible team member but she is a ray of sunshine in our office bringing fun and laughter to every day we spend together.  We are so excited to have Diana as a part of our amazing client-focused team! 

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