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Who are we? We are a team of super smart women who love buying homes and sharing the best way to do it. We provide clients with a seamless process where every detail is managed. We are a synergized team that uses each of our strengths to best serve and educate our clients. We are real people who actually pay attention to our clients wants, needs and dreams.

Why did we get into this in the first place? When we bought our first homes we did what young people do and followed our parents’ advice. But the options, housing market and mortgage regulations had changed since they had bought.  While they meant well, the way they did things was quite outdated.  When we think back to those first buying experiences the process felt uncomfortable but we didn’t think we had other options. We were not presented options, information or any real advice… the whole experience just plain sucked. This was the biggest financial decision of our lives and the truth is nothing about the process made us confident at all. Our clients get everything we didn’t, because you all deserve better!

Who loves working with us?

  • People who want their money to work harder for them during home-ownership

  • Home buyers who want help getting into the housing market faster

  • Self-employed rockstars that need a Mortgage Broker who gets them (ahem… we wrote a book about it!)

  • Homeowners who want to use their equity to buy another property like a rental or cottage

  • Home buyers who need more education & unbiased mortgage service

  • People who had a terrible first mortgage experience and want better this time around

  • Homeowners with debt that need a solid plan to pay it off without being judged

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