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1. Initial Call

I do a quick phone call to talk about your goals & how I can help.

2. You Fill Out The Application & Send Documents

If you are ready to get started right away you can start filling out the application.

3. I Check Your Eligibility

I will source your application with our 57 lender partners and determine the best rate and mortgage products available for you to select from.

4. Strategy Call

I review all the lender options, rates and fine print with you and together we put a strategic plan in place for you. My goal is always to provide you with wealth building mortgage advice that will serve your goals now and in the future.

5. Approved!

I take the steps to action the plan that you have selected from the options we discussed. I handle co-ordination of realtors, appraisers, lawyers and lenders so that everything goes as smooth as possible for you.

How We Secure You A Mortgage

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