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5 Tips to Winterize Your Home

It is getting chilly outside so time to attack your winterizing to-do list:

1| Add Insulation

Heat rises and escapes wherever it can, so the best way to ensure you keep warm is to add insulation. With extra insulation, especially in your attic and basement, it will help keep warm air in and your energy bills low.

2 | Seal Air Leaks

Ensure warm air stays in and cold air stays out by sealing air leaks around doors and windows and any other entry points.

3 | Install Storm Doors

Seal cracks around exterior doors by installing storm doors. Storm doors seal any air drafts left exposed by exterior doors.

4 | Wrap Your Water Heater

By wrapping your heater in an insulating blanket and insulating any exposed hot water pipes, you will conserve energy it takes to heat water (which can be substantial, often about 20 per cent of your electrical bill). Also by insulating your water heater and pipes, you can lower your water heater’s temperature resulting in even more energy savings.

5 | Roof Check Up

In keeping your home warm and cozy for the winter and keeping energy costs to a minimum, don’t forget about the exterior of your home, in particular your roof. Ensure there is no missing or damaged shingles, check for leaks and repair any damaged flashing.

Also unless you want some extra guests this winter, keep critters away by covering any holes or access areas where raccoons or squirrels can enter your home.

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