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I am noticing in this environment there are more people out there that have been given a mortgage and no support or advise. I find there are a lot of people that are reaching out for a second opinion, help with next steps or asking for help to correct a situation that was setup by someone else. What are the most common questions I am asked each week right now….

  • My mortgage is coming up for renewal and I don’t know what term to take or my lender is only offering me a 5 year term but should I be asking for something else?

  • I had a co-signer in the past and I am wondering if I can take them off?

  • I have a variable rate mortgage and I am wondering if I should lock it into a fixed rate mortgage?

  • I have a balance on my HELOC and now that it is over 7% interest we are wondering what our options are?

  • I bought a new house or condo from the builder and I want to know if I can take equity out of it as it is worth more now than when I bought it

  • I have a private mortgage and need a plan for how to get out of it or my private lender isn’t willing to renew.

  • I have a mortgage from a B lender and I need a plan for how to get to an A lender

  • I am self-employed and need to understand what my mortgage options are

We are happy to answer questions and help people navigate the current mortgage market. The stress test, interest rate fluctuation and lender preferences are things we talk about every day and we are able to help you understand what options might suit you better than others. With 58 lenders we have lots of options that many consumers don’t even know about that could work for them. If you have a mortgage question reach out to or 289-645-1568


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