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2017 Todd Skinner Young Entrepreneur(s) of the year

We were so humbled to be the Winners of the 2017 Todd Skinner Young Entrepreneur(s) of the Year at the Business Achievement Awards by the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.

We do our best to do everything our own way and it is an honor to be recognized for that. We volunteer instead of market ourselves. We work as a team instead of competing. We always offer honesty to our customers even if it isn’t in our best interest. In a job where we get paid to get people mortgages we aim to get people mortgage-free as fast as possible. It is surreal to be doing things different and recognized for that.

We are humbled to be the recipients of this award. We are honored to receive an award named after Todd Skinner a positive, lifelong learner, leader and incredible businessman. We hope to continue to uphold his values as entrepreneurs blazing our own path forward. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this incredibly successful year, we appreciate each and every one of you. A special thank you to our families, you put up with a lot of crazy ideas, juggling schedules & give us more support than we ever thought possible. Thank you so much!

Photo credit: Trinity Design Photography

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