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Is anyone else tired of hearing all the amazing parts of how celebrities did something that you and I "should" try to do?

I present to you my podcast.... where I talk to REAL people who have done REAL things with their own REAL money or properties.

We will talk about the good and bad of decisions made. The things people told them that weren't true (ahem, rental income is passive, lol) or what they wished someone had told them about along the way.

Each week I will do a 15 minute episode where I will talk to a guest about something they have done. It might be buying their first home, a rental property or maybe flipping a home. There are all kinds of amazing things we can do with real estate.... and some not so great ones too. My guest each week will share what they learned along the way.

Let's learn from the experiences from real peoples journeys through real estate!

Want to check it out? Here are the links on your favourite podcast platforms:

let me know what you think!


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