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Residential Market Update

Market commentary

With interest rates now on the rise, two perennial questions have popped up again: How much? How fast? Read more

5 year feature rates

High Ratio Insured: Fixed 4.09% or ARM P - 0.90%

Rate Option Plus Insured and Insurable: Fixed 4.09%

Conventional (up to 80% LTV, 30 year am): Fixed 4.29% or ARM P - 0.50%

See rate sheet for details.

Residential Mortgage Quarterly Review - Q1 2022

Providing housing market predictions has become tricky over the past couple of years. The pandemic created economic turmoil that still hasn’t calmed down: rock-bottom interest rates; unprecedented government supports; record-breaking home sales and price increases and now, generationally high rates of inflation. Read more


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