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Thank You for not Judging Me

Do you know how many times I hear this in a month? “thank you for not judging me” or “I am so embarrassed about….” Too many times to count.

In a world where so many people spend time looking at what others have and thinking or feeling like they are less it is scary to speak to someone about your finances. And it shouldn’t be. Honestly, we are all doing the best we can, with the resources we have and until someone teaches you something you may just not know. And it is not ones place to judge. Ever. Sometimes people get into debt, have job impacts, or marital breakdown or just make a wrong decision sometime. We are human. This will happen. It is how we learn & grow.

Often I find people are surprised to find out their credit is not as bad as they think, their debt is not as unsurmountable as it feels or their situation is just not as impossible as they were led to believe the last time they asked someone about it.

Please never be afraid to call. Never be afraid to ask the questions you have been wondering. We won’t judge. We will just come up with a plan of how to help you. Because that is what we are here for. If you have questions about mortgage or secured line of credit please never be afraid to ask.


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