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Who is Denise Laframboise?

What can I share that you don’t already know about me... let’s share some things about me:

I have super ticklish feet... yes I giggle during pedicures!

I would do almost anything over cleaning... except for washing dishes, I washing dishes by hand (it’s so rewarding)

I am married to the most amazing man that I have been with for almost 19 years... and I still don’t really understand his job (I do know where his office is so that is an improvement). Just in case you wondered he is an Ontario Land Surveyor.... from what i gather he tells the guys on the side of the road with the big cameras what to do, lol.

I love being outside, especially near water. I grew up on Lake Huron and Gabe calls me a “lake snob” but I can’t help that I was spoiled by the sunsets, clear water and sandy beach. I can't help it.... truly Lake Huron has some of the best sunsets in the world!

It will be a rare occasion to see me with my finger nails painted (health care hands for life over here)

I love to laugh and just be silly... one of the best things that has come out of covid is all of the quality time, laughs and joy I have shared with my 3 daughters. I can’t wait to have more times like this with friends when this is all over.

I started to learn Jiu jitsu in 2020... I have now done more online classes than in person... looking forward to getting back to that when it’s safe to do so. I actually love learning this martial art... it's kinda like chess, with humans... and choking.

I suck at wearing heels and it’s not just because I haven’t worn them in a full year... I have always felt like a clumsy giraffe in them.

I like to do projects. We have don’t so many home reno projects or refinished furniture pieces, I love transforming something old into something with new life.

My favourite part of my job is helping people build wealth through strategic decisions in real estate.


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