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When is the right time to talk about your Mortgage?

When is the best time to connect with your Agent/Broker to talk about your mortgage? The correct answer is not x number of months before your mortgage renews or x number of months before you purchase a home. It is actually all the time in between.

One of the huge benefits of having a relationship a Mortgage Agent/Broker is to be able to prepare for your mortgage transactions properly. When people tell you they NEED a mortgage broker or they NEED mortgage advice now it is often too late.

My clients who save the most money are not the clients who are calling everyone in my industry at the last minute trying to bargain a “deal”. The clients that save the most money are the ones that work with me to plan for their future and consider all possible aspects of a mortgage. If you want to save the most money then the best time to contact me is in between mortgage transactions.

Even if you currently work directly with a lender and I am not your adviser I can still help you save thousands and pay off your mortgage faster. We provide annual reviews for all our mortgage clients for free. We will also do these for free if you are not our client. If you are interested contact us at or at 289-645-1568.

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