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Is your Mortgage Renewal Date Approaching?

When people buy a home they pay more attention to their mortgage. It is going to be a new monthly payment and there is lots of options to consider....

5 years later you typically get a letter in the mail saying here is what we are going to offer you to continue with your existing mortgage for the next 5 years. It usually has a check box that you select and send back to say you are compliant with this idea. Is this what is best for your pocket book? Sometimes yes & sometimes no.

At Powerhouse Mortgage Solutions we do pro bono evaluations of your renewal letters. We will look at what your lender is offering you and compare what else is currently available in the market that suits your needs. If it is a great deal then we will send you back to your lender to renew your mortgage with them with confidence. If it is not a great deal then we will provide you with other options and let you know how much money in unnecessary interest you would be saving if you move to the new option. In the case of a recent renewal review their client was able to save over $8500 by not checking that box blindly before talking to us.

Are you or a friend of yours 3 to 6 months away from your renewal date? Do you like the idea of paying less interest to your lender? If so then make sure that you call or email Powerhouse Mortgage Solutions BEFORE signing back your renewal letter. We would love to put extra money back in your pocket!

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