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Timing is Everything

On April 10th I was a featured contributor to an article in the Toronto Star titled Timing is Everything.

The article discusses selling & buying or buying & selling in this market. The truth is that buying a home when you own one is a lot more complicated than buying your first home. When we meet with clients we discuss the following:

  • Is your current mortgage portable? Under what conditions? What is the rate if you do that? Is it higher or lower than new rates today?

  • Are you able to bridge finance? Under what conditions?

  • How much money will you have after selling & paying all the fees in a worst-case scenario?

  • Do you qualify for the new mortgage amount needed?

  • Are you considering keeping your current property as a rental?

  • Do you want to buy first or sell first?

  • Are there any changes to the title of what you are buying? (eg. Separation)

  • Has there been any changes in income? Debts? Cashflow?

  • Have you considered all the expenses to move such as closing costs on the purchase when running your numbers?

It is very important that you get good advice when you are buying & selling in this market. An online calculator doesn’t cut it when there are so many moving parts!

We are happy to review all your options & help make a best and worst case scenario plan. You can read the article here:

Please forward to anyone you think might be buying or selling in this market,



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