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Why do we use a Secure Client Portal?

Do you know how secure email is? Well the truth is once that data leaves your outbox it could be going anywhere before it lands in mine. And my concern is that what you are sending me is valuable. Your birthday, address and social insurance number are worth a lot of money on the black market. I am told that text messaging and what’s app type messages are even more insecure. I mean do you take the time to encrypt documents before sending them when they are important? Or password protect them?

This is why we send our clients a secure encrypted client portal. It is very safe and easy to upload documents (or photos of them right from your cell phone). The key is that they system protects you from possibly safety breeches with your information. When we are dealing with your important and sensitive information we have a duty to you to keep it safe.

We are obligated to store documents and information we collect from our clients for 7 years. All that information is stored securely and backed up because we are care. Because we would want anyone we are dealing with to treat our information with the same level of importance and care.

The next time you are dealing with someone with your finances and private information ensure that you are being safe with your information. Be careful with your personal data & work with professionals who are going to protect your information like their own.


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